At this time (Spring 2021) I am accepting visitors to my lakeside studio. I will wear a mask if you request. The lake drive on highway 7 north of Ortonville is a beautiful drive no matter the season. Please contact me for info on the times I am open. 507-828-0260. Due to the multiple spam calls if I don't recognize your number I probably won't answer my phone. Please leave me a message and I will immediately return your call.

Here are some interesting facts about me and my concept of jewelry design and construction:

I make my ear wires for comfort. I use 20 gauge sterling because a little thicker wires stays put better and doesn't bend out of shape as easily. My wires are bent straight down so they don't poke you in the neck.

All the chains I include are sterling silver. I use the chain I feel looks nicest with the pendant. Many of the chains come in various lengths and you can switch up just by asking. Large chains are quite expensive and pendants can be purchased without a chain. Just ask for a repricing. (keep in mind you cannot purchase a sterling chain retail for less money than I charge when including them with each pendant.)

A word about sterling silver versus silver plate. This might sound like a rant but here is my opinion. I only use sterling flatware in my jewelry designs. None of it is plated. The price reflects sterling silver. Plated flatware is free or close to free. It is not of jewelry quality due to the fact that one does not know what the base metal is under the silver plating. It could be lead. It is iffy to solder silver plated items because the temp of melting solder could damage the plating or expose the base metal. All of my spoon rings are soldered closed. This is to maintain the size the ring was created and to keep it round. It's also the professional way to finish a ring.
End of rant. I hope I did not offend anyone.

Photography! My nemesis. I do all of my own photography and building of this website. I am improving but I still am far from good. If you see reflection, speckles, shadows, whatever....it is the fault of the photographer not the silversmith! I also am just fine with you asking for more pictures or different angles, etc. Please just call me or send me an email. I try to include one outdoor picture of each item if I can. This is to remind you that all of my materials are organic. Also a good shady day makes for a better image. (my friend John White tells me)

As far as polishing goes- all of my items have been polished with traditional silversmithing wheels and abrasives. When I think they are polished enough I put them in a rotary tumbler with stainless steel shot and tumble them for another hour or so. This produces the super tough tarnish resistant finish you see on all of my work. If an item appears to be darkened that is because I have chemically oxidized it to highlight some design elements. Occasionally I use a brushed steel wool finish.

I sell a product called Sparkle Bright which is a non toxic silver polishing cream. It does not contain any abrasive or corrosive chemical. A rub down and warm water rinse is all you need to freshen your jewelry. If you want to keep your jewelry nice and sparkly please store it in a jewelry box or pouch when you are not wearing it. Try not to leave it in the bathroom because the humidity accelerates the oxidation. Hot tubs are terrible on the finish of sterling. The silver dip you buy at Walmart or wherever is caustic and chews up the surface of the sterling. That gives teeny scratches that add to the surface layer and makes it much easier for the silver to oxidize. Avoid using it.

I regretfully cannot ship international orders. If you are purchasing from a USA address shipping will be at no charge. I cannot do that for out of the US.