Copper with Sterling Silver Trim Hand Made Bracelet Cuff

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For those who like a thick flashy statement piece this is your bracelet. I cut a strip of super heavy gauge copper and added the segments of hammered sterling silver trim.

I did a little texturing on the borders of the sterling swirls and also lightly hammered the edges of the copper.

The width of this cuff is 7/8". Inside dimensions are 2 3/8" by 2" with a 1 3/8" opening. The owner will likely want to tweak the opening size slightly for a perfect fit. I leave it open a little wider than necessary so people can try it on with ease.

The tumbling process made this copper bracelet as bright and shiny as I have ever seen. I decided to keep it that way and rubbed it down with Renaissance Wax.

Treat yourself!

$ 90.00